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June 8, 2019
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June 8, 2019 halifax

The World According to Grandpa

25 x 11’ Live action/ animation Kids for Channel 5 Milkshake!

25 x 11 Live action/ animation kids for S4C

The new heart-warming children’s series starring Don Warrington MBE, The World According to Grandpa, is based on the best selling stories of the same name written by Chris Heath. The unique storytelling series follows the main character Grandpa, played by Don. Every episode begins with one of Grandpa’s four grandchildren; Stanley, Connie, Louie, or Poppy asking him a question such as “Why can’t animals talk?” or “Where do cats go at night?”  which he spins into a nonsensical tale and takes his grandchildren and our audience on fantastic journeys through colourful new worlds, answering their curious questions with tall tales, all from the comfort of his sofa. All of this before a loveable puppet rabbit called Halifax, voiced by Sally Lindsay, corrects Grandpa and imparts her infinite wisdom, making sure the children get a factually correct answer before the end of each 11 minute episode!

All 25 of the English episodes were produced between October 2020 and January 2021 under strict COVID-19 guidelines. It is also a truly inclusive North West production featuring live-action, 2D animation, and a diverse team both in front and behind the camera. With our partners Boom Cmryu, we have also produced the first series  in Welsh for S4C and it will begin airing in September

The production was supported by the government-funded Young Audiences Content Fund, which is managed by BFI and supports the creation of distinctive, high-quality content for young audiences. Music is by North West composer Tayo Akinbode, children’s casting by Nicci Topping of Topping Casting in Huddersfield and all equipment was supplied by Manchester based the Kit Hire Company. Animation and post production was led by SImon Partington at Flix Facilities, mediacity uk and the live action was all completed at the newly refurbished Vectar Studios in Stockport. Line producer Rima Sen and Series Director Alex Jacob and puppeteers Julia Frost and Aiysha Nugent-Robinson completed the local line up.

Caroline Roberts-Cherry, Managing Director of Saffron-Cherry Productions said: “In these troubled times, the interaction of grandparents and children has never been more appreciated and never more needed. This show aims to answer some universal questions, highlighting the beauty of the spoken word, the power of imagination, and showcase the love that spans the generations” She continues: “It feels like a real achievement to make this show and get it out there under such exacting conditions and we did it by working together as a team, who all had the best interests  not only of the series but also of their colleagues, at heart.” 

Talking about the inspiration behind the new series, writer of the original books, Chris Heath said:  “He’s based on my own Grandfather. I called him Grandad Lou, but his name is Arturo Garcia. Born and raised in Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, one of the stories  ‘What are clouds for?’ is based on a story he used to tell me about a ‘land shark’.”

Jackie Edwards, Head of Young Audiences Content Fund, BFI said: “We are thrilled to have been able to support The World According To Grandpa and we are so excited to see it on screen.. It’s a beautiful show that will bring families together across each generation.”

A Welsh language version of The World According to Grandpa has also been commissioned for S4C that we have made in co-production with our chums at Boom Cmryu and both the Welsh language and English language versions are being distributed by Beyond Distribution. The show is designed as a kit of parts to be easily re-made using local cast.

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