The Madame Blanc Mysteries

May 20, 2021
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May 20, 2021 Boggart

Saffron Cherry Productions are delighted to be co-producers with Clapperboard on The Madame Blanc Mysteries, A 6 episode commission for Channel 5 and Acorn TV which has completed filming in Malta.

‘Channel 5 and Acorn TV have jointly commissioned a new six part thriller, The Madame Blanc Mysteries, created and written by Sally Lindsay and co-written by Sue Vincent.  Acorn Media International is the distributor for the series, co-produced by Clapperboard and Saffron Cherry Productions. The show will have its world premiere exclusively on AMC Networks’ streaming service Acorn TV in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain, and will be broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK, followed by a second window on Acorn TV UK.

"It’s a wrap"

The Madame Blanc Mysteries follows Jean White (Sally Lindsay), a renowned and respected antique dealer, running a successful business in leafy Cheshire with her husband, Rory. We meet Jean on a rainy morning in Manchester, overcome with grief as she learns that Rory has tragically died on his way home from their vintage treasure-trove stomping grounds in the South of France.

Things are about to take a darker turn for poor Jean when she discovers that along with her husband, all of their money has disappeared, their shop re-mortgaged to the hilt and their assets pawned off. With the final thousands in their joint account ironically spent on Rory’s funeral, Jean’s life is set adrift…until her solicitor informs her of one thing her beloved did not sell: their cottage in French antiques hub, Sainte Victoire. And when Jean finds out that the lavish ring Rory was bringing back to her is nowhere to be found, she quickly realises something is amiss and does the first thing she can think of; arriving in Sainte Victoire, will Jean get the answers she is searching for?

The Reluctant Madame Blanc is set up at Clapperboard and Saffron Cherry Productions. Andy Morgan is the series producer, while Dermot Boyd is attached to direct. The executive producers are Caroline Roberts-Cherry for Saffron Cherry Productions, Catherine Mackin for Acorn TV and Mike Benson for Clapperboard. 

Sally said : “I’ve always been fascinated by the worlds of antiques and Agatha Christie, so putting the two together and creating the world of St.Victoire with Sue has been an absolute joy. We are so excited to show the audience the stunning sunny locations and beautiful antiques cloaked in a veil of mystery and can’t wait for you to see what Jean unravels as she embarks on her new life in the sun.”



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